About Maron Stills

Maron Stills a.k.a. Maaike Ronhaar (1978) is a self-taught music photographer from the Netherlands. With a preference for raw and on-the-fly photography, she captures the aesthetics of reality in an unconventional way. Always looking for the right energy by focusing on the tiniest action in all that moves around music.

She bought her first camera, sneaked in at concerts and just started shooting. By the end of 2016, after building her portfolio for about six months, she got her first job as a house photographer at ‘Metropool’ Hengelo.

Maaike got noticed and invited to tour with bands like Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown, Strand of Oaks, Courtney Marie Andrews, and RUV. Being their tour photographer soon her pictures got published by both national and international newspapers and magazines (The Telegraph, Lust for Life Magazine, Liveguide, Country Magazine and many more).



Dare to Dream II: The Gallery at 164,  Leeds England (2018) Photo link

Dare to Dream: Artez Academy of Music, Enschede The Netherlands (2018)


Album Artwork

Maaike’s photography is used on the albums of RUV and Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown (link).



The Exhibition prints are for sale, click the links below for more information.

Colour Prints (link) | Black & White Prints (link)



Photo by Tjeerd Derkink